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Go When God Commands

Exodus 3:7-15

How can we hear from God? How do we know it is God’s voice? At times, it is only our unwillingness to obey that keeps us from understanding, so God gives promises to those who will obey Him.

Listen When GOD Speaks

Exodus 2:23-3:6

How does God speak to us? In what ways did God speak to Moses? How do we know if it is God? Take time to listen carefully. Test it against established truth, His printed Word. Read it to learn God’s voice.

Don't Assume Too Much

Exodus 2:11-22

Sometimes in our zeal, we may go beyond what we should. Do we know where to stop? Have we taken on a task that is not our own? Have we broken the law in our good intentions? What are the results of this?

Dare To Do Right

Exodus 2:1-10

Some people like to blend in, no matter the cost. Others will choose to do right, no matter the cost. Some choose comfort with people over peace with God. Will you dare to do right, as this mother did for her son?

Dealing With Threatening Conditions

Exodus 1:8-22

What do people in power do when they think they see a threat? They can become very fearful and reactionary. They may treat anyone as an enemy. Here are two basic tactics you can expect evil rulers to use.